Specialists In Home Automation And Lighting Control


Based in Cheltenham a client had purchased their home at the end of 2017 and decided to take it through a complete renovation to make it their own before moving in. The project itself taking a little over a year to complete.

The house had been stripped back entirely and was started again from the floor up. A local electrician had taken on the role to install all the power and infrastructure into this house and also had the task of searching for the best possible home automation solution he could find for his clients.

The electrical firm was introduced to Swindon Home Control and attended a brief meeting during one of our seasonal shows at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon where we had the chance to go over the specification of what the client was hoping for. After arranging a further meeting and a site introduction to cover the more delicate details, it was proven that Niko could fulfil all of the clients requirements and more.

Swindon Home Control came to install the Niko system and commission the software the day before the clients were due to move in and again attended the next day to demonstrate the system. With the clients shocked at the depth of the system the morning was spent creating scenes for the rooms and organising the touch screen so that all the functionality was clear and easy to use.

Initially the automation was specified to control the communal areas of the home, by the electrician, to rooms such as the landing, hallway, living room and the kitchen/diner. The idea was to offer an easy way of both entertaining guests when they visit and to control all the lighting at once when they either entered or exited their home. Once realising how easy Niko was to use the clients considered why they hadn’t chosen to install the system through-out the entire house. 

Now the clients have scenes which can welcome them into their home when they come up the drive or to keep the lighting going as they leave to ensure that they can see their way to the car without the lights going out. Being able to control their lights from their phone it is now safer to ensure that they have complete control of their lighting.