Specialists In Home Automation And Lighting Control

Specialists In Home Automation And Lighting Control

Specialists In Home Automation And Lighting ControlSpecialists In Home Automation And Lighting Control


Hungerford was a project that required a lot of time planning and took over a year to produce from our first design consultation to the installation of the Niko. This just goes to show that projects are not always straight forward and may require more preparation at the beginning to ensure a smooth transition. The house was purchased and produced through WeberHaus, who are a German based timber frame company who takes the clients through all the stages from designing, to manufacturing, to building. They produced all the layout drawings and required exact locations of all the electrical outlets and switches, as well as cable runs through-out the house to ensure that everything they installed was to the right specification. 

This meant a lot of forward thinking and planning as changes to the project once the house was built meant either a lot of fuss or a lot of money. In this project we installed the majority of anything automated through Niko which included the lighting, heating, window operations, audio, voice control, door locks and presence simulation. Through a combination of switches, mood controls and scenes the customer was able to create plenty of easy to use commands around the home, which was then simply controlled by their voice. For example, telling their system good morning meant that the kitchen blinds would open, the accent lighting would activate and their favourite radio station would play from their Sonos system. 

Niko is a very user friendly and versatile system to use. A perfect example of that is based on the client's desire to learn about the system. One problem that you may consider with home automation is "what happens when I want to make a change, or when something new comes out?" Usually, you would have to pay your installer another fee to visit your home and spend half an hour making changes, which is not the ideal way of doing things as this means that you are stuck having to pay reoccurring fees for the rest of your life. With Niko, we don't believe that this is right and we prove the point by giving you access to make changes yourself after the commissioning is done. So when the latest release of the Niko 2.0 was issued, my client simply updated the system herself, went into the software available and made her own changes without any further assistance. She added more scenes, edited the voice control and changed the way she wanted the lights to come on. This proves that Niko is maintenance free and you have the option, not the obligation to ask your installer for any future re-visits.

The make up of this building involved a basement, ground floor, first floor, external areas and a summer house. To ensure that it was possible to extend the system Niko was installed in every level and can be added to or configured at any stage in the future. This means that as you change, so does your home.

Shortlisted for the Build It Awards in 2019 for "Best Home Technology Product or Installation" and "Best Accessible or Inclusive Home".