Specialists In Home Automation And Lighting Control

Specialists In Home Automation And Lighting Control

Specialists In Home Automation And Lighting ControlSpecialists In Home Automation And Lighting Control


A client based in Wiltshire attended one of our shows at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre in Swindon, looking for ideas on what they can do to their home whilst they undergo extensive building work.

Originally confessing that they were not looking for home automation, upon hearing about our security features with the Niko system their attention turned and a request for more information was given.  

The problem with their home was a simple one, one that many home owners come across and it is a case of how do I make it seem as though someone is home when they aren’t? When you go away for a week or two, how do we make sure that our homes are as protected as they can be. Do we leave lights plugged into timers? Do you ask the neighbours to pop in to open the curtains? Do we leave the curtains closed so no-one can see inside or does that make it too obvious that no-one is there?

Niko provided everything that was needed in order to solve this age-old situation. 

The client had their eye on motorised blinds through-out their house, so we integrated these blinds to allow Niko control of them. This was the main concern that they had whilst away. The Niko system is able to control when the blinds open and close all the way to the precise movements of Sunrise and Sunset, meaning that there can be variations in blind operation times making it much less obvious and predictable that no-one is home.

We did not stop there though. After going in depth with the client about Niko they decided that they would like most of their homes lights to also be integrated into the same system. Not only did they now have smooth controls for their day to day usage but they could also link the lighting with the blinds whilst they are away. This now means that not only do the blinds open and close as though someone is at home, but the lights also activate during the evening and night as if someone is inside moving from room to room. The automated lighting functions can be set to activate randomly during certain times which can be selected by the client to replicate their own patterns. This creates the imagine of someone being home in the evening, closing the blinds and sitting in the living room until turning the lights off and going to bed to read. No more predictable socket timers which turn on and off at the same time with the same light every evening.

To finalise the homes safety, we also installed external motion sensors so when activated by unwanted movement it would turn on the exterior lighting as well as several internal lights to show that if someone is outside then they woke up the owner of the home, causing them to believe that the house is in fact not empty.

This scene is quite unique in what it can achieve, but most importantly is that it cannot be activated unless selected to and is fully controllable from a mobile device away from the home. This means that until you actually go on holiday and set the scene then you have complete control over your home. What’s more is that if you left your house and forgot to activate the scene then you can access your system on your mobile and turn it on, allowing you to feel comfort knowing that you have done all you can to keep your home safe while away.