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Build It Awards 2019



With a tight and very competitive group of finalists for this years Built It Awards, Niko has managed to come ahead and win the category or Best Heating Product. With the new Niko Touch Switch you are able to control all aspects of your home on a small, easy to use touch screen. With built in thermostats, scenes, moods, music and all general actions we are now introducing the future of the wall switch.

Technology certainly has come a long way. To think that in the majority of UK households we are still restricted by a white plastic rocker switch on the wall, which can only do that singular light in the ceiling. What happens when you want to make a change? You have to rip the wall and ceiling back open. 

With Niko Home Control, all the wiring is designed to suit around flexibility and being future ready. Do you want to change how your lights work? Do you want to push a single button to create a relaxing mood? Do you want to be able to control your music from the same switch as your lights? No problem! With Niko's easy switches you can make any change without the need for damage, the possibilities are endless.

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Security features

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The Future

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